LED Rainbow Color Showerhead

Play some music and hop into a dance club with our LED Rainbow Color Shower Head! The bright LED lighting gives you a cool light show at night that will have you feeling the rainbow.

No batteries required. This unique showerhead uses water pressure powered LED lights to transform the water into a cornucopia of color.

The LED Showerhead also has an adjustable swivel connector so you can point the LED Showerhead in any direction for a splash of rainbow madness.


  • Adds a pop of color for a fun shower at night with 
  • Built-in LED light with 7 colors
  • No batteries or power supply required
  • Self-powered with the release of water pressure
  • Made with solid aluminum for a long-lasting finish

Immerse yourself with the pride of bright colors next time you shower and order your LED Rainbow Color Shower Head online today!

Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for shipping.