"Semicolon Mental Health Awareness" Bracelets

In our community, many members struggle with various types of mental illnesses. Many of the signs of these illnesses can go undetected which is why it is important to bring awareness to this and show our love and support for those who are suffering. We need to start addressing these types of things specially in our community to get people informed about the resources that they have. And show them that the people that have been through what they are going through can help and are here to help. They are not alone. 

Semicolons have come to represent mental health struggles and the importance of suicide prevention. In writing the semicolon is used when a writer has chosen not to end a sentence when they could have but continue it.  Semicolons represent choosing to live and choosing to support the importance of suicide prevention and they are warn in remembrance of those who have struggled with these illnesses or those who have had a loved one that passed do to these illnesses.

These bracelets help us remember those we have lost and the struggles we have over come. They help us remind ourselves that we have chosen to live and help others who are going through the same struggles. Help spread love and prevention for these illnesses. Start the conversation that can save someone's life. And wear it as a reminder to always stay strong and you're not alone.